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Make Your Home More Efficient With A Smart Thermostat

Make Your Home More Efficient With A Smart Thermostat

August 16, 2019

Most people remember growing up with the classic, round thermostat that was mounted on the wall of their home. This classic piece of equipment actually controlled the temperature in the house via a small coil spring and a glass tube filled with mercury that would turn the home’s HVAC system on or off. While these round, mechanical thermostats have been highly reliable for many years, there are units on the market today that are capable of running your HVAC equipment much more efficiently. Welcome to the world of the Smart Thermostat!

What Is A Smart Thermostat? 

A smart thermostat is a device that no longer relies on a coil spring and a vile of mercury to control your HVAC system, but rather digital sensors that are much better at managing the daily operations of your equipment. In addition, smart thermostats can learn, meaning that they can adjust themselves based on your daily living habits. The most innovative thing about smart thermostats is that they can be controlled outside of the home via a phone app and the internet.     

The Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

There are many benefits to buying a smart thermostat. Here are just some of the ways that they add quality to your life.

  • Your Life Is Easier and More Comfortable – Smart thermostats are automatic and work on their own. Once you set the thermostat, the device will keep your home preciously at the set temperature until it is changed again. There is no need to constantly adjust these thermostats, as there was with traditional systems.
  • Save Time – No longer worry about having to check the temperature of your room or be concerned about energy usage.Smart thermostats not only automatically monitor room temperature, but also can provide data on energy consumption.
  • Enjoy Wi-Fi, Internet Control - With internet connectivity, smart thermostats allow homeowners to control their HVAC system from literally anywhere in the world. A simple download of an app on your phone will give you the freedom to turn on the A/C on the way home from work on a hot day or even kick the heat up a little bit from the comfort of your own bed during a cold, winter night. Having remote control of your thermostat can come in handy in so many important ways.

Can A Smart Thermostat Save Money?

Of course, the short and sweet answer is yes! Because the technology found in these devices allows you to control your home’s temperature anytime and from anywhere, there is no need to maintain a certain climate at home during the hours that you are not present. Having this kind of control can be a real money saver. In addition, some smart thermostats can actually learn about you, by capturing data about your interactions with it. By analyzing the information it has about your life habits, the smart thermostat can make suggestions to you about the best way to utilize temperature settings.      

What Is The Best Temperature To Set Your Smart Thermostat In The Summer?

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that smart thermostats be set at no lower than 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months.  Of course, the temperature that a homeowner sets their thermostat to is entirely up to them, but energy savings will be optimized in the suggested range. Another benefit of the smart thermostat is that it can be set higher during the day while people are not home and then remotely turned on to cool the home before family members arrive.

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