Furnace Maintenance Check List

Furnace Maintenance Check List

September 10, 2019

Is Furnace Maintenance Important? 

Winter time can be a challenging season and the last thing you need is for your furnace to break down. You depend on your home’s heating system to keep your family warm all season long. No matter the age of your furnace, experts everywhere agree that signing up for an annual maintenance program is an essential part of being able to enjoy many years of reliable service from your home’s heating equipment. Preventive maintenance has proven to maximize the life span of a furnace. 

Furnace Maintenance Check List     

There are a variety of annual maintenance plans in the marketplace from which consumers can choose. Whichever one you buy, be sure that it includes these important services. 

Heat Exchanger/Furnace Burner Inspection

The heat exchanger and furnace burner are two of the most important components in the heating system. The heat exchanger is the part of the furnace that actually heats the air that will be circulated around the home via the fan/blower. It is critical that this unit is working properly to ensure the safety of the family living in the house. If either the heat exchanger or furnace burner is malfunctioning, deadly carbon monoxide could leak into the home, causing potentially great harm to both humans and pets. Your technician will check both of these components as part of the annual furnace maintenance plan.

Furnace Fan Limit Switch & Furnace Thermostat

The blower or fan in the furnace is extremely important, as without it, warm air cannot circulate around the home. The furnace fan limit switch works in tandem with the thermostat and will cycle the fan on or off according to the temperature set by the homeowner. If the switch fails, the fan will either not work or stay on indefinitely. The maintenance plan technician will inspect the fan limit switch to make sure it is working properly. 

Furnace Gas Line 

The gas line that runs from the street to your furnace is an extremely part of the entire heating system. While it supplies the natural gas that runs the furnace, it can also create a great danger to humans and pets if it is not working correctly. Furnace maintenance crews are specially trained to look for and detect any problems with a heating system’s gas line. They will be able to confirm whether there are any gas leaks or other issues that could pose a danger to the home’s occupants.    

Furnace Flue Pipe Inspection 

The flue pipe is the part of the furnace system that takes all of the toxic exhaust produced by the burners and safely ejects it from the house. During the routine maintenance service, the technician will inspect the flue pipe to confirm that there are no blockages that would prevent exhaust gases from exiting the home. 

Clean/Replace Filters 

All furnaces require the proper amount of air flow in order to operate at peak efficiency. A clogged filter can cause heating equipment to work harder than it should, which will cause premature wear. Your technician will check all filters and replace them as needed. 
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