5 AC Maintenance Tasks to Address

5 AC Maintenance Tasks to Address

July 15, 2019

Proper and regular AC maintenance is very important if you want your air conditioning unit to work when you need it most. 

There are many things that can occur that will cause AC system problems. Many common issues include clogged ducts or drains, dirty filters, sensor or thermostat problems, and fan or compressor malfunctions.  

Most people are able handle most of these basic AC maintenance tasks even if they don’t consider themselves the DIY type. You can also find an experienced HVAC professional that provides regular AC maintenance. A combination of both will go a long way to ensure that your AC works properly, keeping your home nice and cool in the hot summer months.

5 AC Maintenance Tasks to Complete

Thermostat Inspection

Programmable thermostats are a great choice because they allow you to set the temperature that you prefer, so your AC unit isn’t running constantly when the home is already cool.  This will reduce monthly energy bills, and most thermostats also alert you to any AC unit problems as well.  

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters should be regularly checked and replaced every few months. While most filters are replaceable, some AC units have filters that can be cleaned. 

Condensate Drain Inspection

Clogged drain channels need to be inspected on a regular basis. If they’re clogged your AC unit will not reduce the humidity in your home. To do an inspection, simply use a stiff wire and run it through your AC system’s drain channels to make sure they aren’t clogged anywhere along the route.

Outdoor AC Unit Inspection

Dust, dirt, and other kinds of outside debris can cause make the condenser coils in your AC unit dirty, causing inefficiency and other problems.  You can easily inspect the condenser coils and if you do notice they’re dirty, simply clean them. 

Make Sure Vents are Distributing Air without Obstruction

AC units are usually connected to a duct system that runs throughout the home. It’s important to inspect the vents regularly to make sure they don’t have anything obstructing them, including furniture, clothes, or anything else. With unobstructed vents, you’ll have the proper air flow to cool your home. 

The parts that are the usual culprits responsible for AC system malfunctions:

  • Capacitors
  • Circuit Boards
  • Internal Fuses
  • Breakers
  • Condensate Pumps and/or Motors
  • Blower Fans

Why is AC maintenance necessary?

If something goes wrong with your AC unit, most repairs completed by an HVAC company will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you have to replace the entire AC unit, it will cost even more. The smartest and most cost-effective way to prevent spending all that money is to have a high-quality AC preventative maintenance service plan. Regular AC maintenance will find any problems before they become huge problems. In addition, monthly energy bills will be lowered as your AC unit’s efficiency is greatly enhanced with AC preventative maintenance. 

AC maintenance services provided by HVAC companies

In addition to your own DIY home AC preventative maintenance, you can use an experienced commercial company that provides cooling and heating services as part of a customized AC maintenance program. An experienced HVAC company will look at all the duct work to make sure that air isn’t being lost or obstructed. They’ll inspect, check and calibrate the thermostat. They typically also inspect all electrical connections as well as the condensate drain line.  Many AC preventative maintenance programs may include checking the refrigerant level and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils as well. 

What should you do if your AC unit stops working the way it should

High-quality, regular AC preventative maintenance services will ensure that your home remains a cool oasis from the heat and humidity of the summer. If a motor stops working, a fuse blows, the compressor has issues, or a fan stops working, it can be a major inconvenience.  When your AC system doesn’t work, finding a qualified company to quickly take care of any issue costs money and time.

HomeServe USA provides dependable, reliable heating and cooling professionals that serve the residents of Long Island, New York. With experienced technicians on call, you can rely on HomeServe for emergency repairs to your AC unit. In addition, comprehensive tune-ups and new equipment installations are provided. HomeServe of Long Island also offers service plans for year-round protection from costly repairs to your AC unit. 

With a repair service plan from HomeServe of Long Island, you’ll be able to utilize a 24/7 hotline to schedule any repairs for your AC unit. 

If you’re not sure which HomeServe of Long Island service plan works best for you, our repair hotline professionals are available 24/7 to help you decide what plan makes the most sense. Call us anytime at 1-855-336-2465 – we’re here to help.


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